Father’s Day

And what gifts we have for our fathers!!!

Chris wanted to wait a while to tell everyone in the family our news, so we chose Father’s Day to make the big announcement. I’m 6 weeks, 6 days. This is the furthest I’ve ever made it in a pregnancy, and with those good beta numbers, I think we’re both feeling confident.

First we called my parents, but the voice mail picked up. Then we called Dad & Donna, and we got their fax machine. At that point I looked over to Chris and said, “If we’ve waited all this time to tell them and no one is going to be home, it will be pretty anticlimactic!”

We called Dad & Donna on their cell phone, and reached them at a restaurant. We caused a pretty big commotion with all their (happy) screaming! Chris’ youngest sister was with them, and she was pleased as punch to find out she’ll be an aunt and a freshman in high school next year!

Next we called my parents again. Mom cried and Dad said he might have to “hose her down,” she was so excited! I’m pretty sure she’ll be buying up the Babies’R’Us by the end of the week.
After that, we tried to call Chris’ mom, but had to leave a message on a cell phone since she was out of town.

Chris’ sister Laura & her husband were next on the list, and thought it was great news. They’re both doing well, and it was good to catch up.

At that point, we finally got in touch with Trisha, who was on a trip with a friend. She was so excited and said “I knew that’s why you had called!”

Finally, we called my younger brother. Jason has just moved to the Atlanta area, and is really thrilled about this “uncle” business. “I need to start buying this kid presents!” …well, that’s sweet, but I promised him he has plenty of time before that’s necessary!

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