Teeny, Tiny Toes…

…and everything else! (I’m not sure if you can tell from the scan, but this is a photo of her footprint. See the little toes? It’s just adorable.)

We had our first ultrasound today and got photos to prove it. Little Eukanuba looks good and healthy, and is measuring big for dates (about a week ahead; he’s the size of a 13w2d fetus and by Mommy’s excellent calculations, she’s only 12w2d) but maybe Eukie is just going to be a siz-footer like Dad. The heart was beating at 156 bpm, which seems awfully fast to the grownups but is perfectly healthy in utero.

Before you ask, it’s way too early to see any telltale gender bits. We won’t know if Eukanuba is male or female for about 8 weeks, so I’ll just bounce back and forth between he and she for now.

In this picture, Eukie is laying on his back against the bump of the placenta. His head is to the left, and see that cute little nose!? You can see his spine curve over the placenta, and then his little rump to the right. Sticking straight up from the rump is a little white line – that’s the femur bone. His knee is bent, and you can’t really see his calf, but his little foot is there on the right.

In this one, Eukanuba has turned to face the camera. Her head is to the left, and that large black spot is her brain (methinks we’ve got a genius on our hands!) and below is the eyes and mouth. Along the tummy, which is still pressed against the placenta, you can see her spine and her little ribcage. Her legs are probably tucked up towards her tummy too, so it’s a little hard to tell what’s what there.

We were so happy and excited to hear the heartbeat and see our baby moving around on the screen. It was an awesome day.

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