A Little Scare…

…but not the Halloween kind!

On Wednesday, I was sent to the hospital to be monitored for pre-term labor. I’d had a routine OB appointment and told my doctor I’ve been having some Braxton-Hicks contractions for the last few weeks. (She wasn’t happy that I waited so long to tell her!) She did an internal exam and it appeared my cervix was shorter.

The next thing I knew, I was at the Maternity Care Center of Palmetto General, hooked up to two monitors (one for the baby’s heartbeat and the other for my contractions) and an automatic blood pressure cuff. I had an ultrasound as well, and they finally decided to let me go home at 9:30. I’d had no contractions while I was there, and even though my cervix is effaced it’s not at a dangerous level.

So for now, my orders are
*keep my feet elevated and stay seated as much as possible (I’m pioneering a new movement: Teaching From Chairs!)
*increase my fluid intake (though I’m already drinking a TON of water so I guess I’m going to float through the next few weeks!)
*call my doctor when I have contractions or pressure.

I’ve had a handful of contractions since then, and when I called my doctor she didn’t seem too concerned; I guess she just wants to be kept informed.

Please keep all three of us in your prayers. This is obviously hard on Chris since he’s so far away and can’t be here to take care of us, and I’m really missing him a lot right now. Pray that I’ll follow doctor’s orders and stay relatively un-stressed, and pray that the baby will just stay put for a while longer!!! I’ll be 23 weeks pregnant on Monday, so we want at least seven or eight more weeks (though sixteen or seventeen would be even better)! One good point is that he’s measuring big (he looks about 25 weeks) and if he ends up coming early, the bigger he is the better off he’ll be.

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