After the Fire…

I have gotten a few concerned phone calls lately about our situation after the apartment fire, and I realize I owe an update!

Things are currently getting much, much better. We have all of our things that were cleanable in the new apartment. The construction company, which was responsible for all of the furniture and stuff, was able to clean a lot of the items at the townhouse. Then they packed EVERYTHING up and brought it to our new place, and set up Ozone machines for an overnight treatment that takes all the malodorous particles out of your belongings. Once the ozone machines were taken down and the apartment aired out a bit, we were able to move in. The company had a crew here to arrange our furniture where we wanted it, and they even unboxed all of our things for us!

(Of course, they didn’t do everything “right” – so I had to reorganize the kitchen, the bookshelves, the DVDs…. but that could just be my OCD coming out, right?)

A national drycleaning company took care of all our clothing, bedding, curtains, rugs, pillows…. They took a few items as a Rush order and got those back to us three days later. We were given an estimate of four weeks for the rest of our stuff, but it only took them two weeks! What a pleasant surprise.

We have turned in all our paperwork to the insurance company with our estimates for replacement costs, and we are now just waiting for our adjustor to give us a call – and a check! Hopefully it will go pretty quickly and we will be able to start replacing our damaged items.

Most notably, we are anxious to start couch shopping! We aren’t terribly sad about the loss of our couch – it was not our favorite piece, but it was one of those medical-school buys that is more about function and the right price, than about style. A few weeks with no couch are making us appreciate it a little bit more though 😉

The other things that need to be replaced are a long and varied list – so we’ll probably be using a lot of online stores and letting UPS or FedEx do the hauling of items up the stairs!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, and to everyone who sent a card, giftcard, package for us or for Jonas…. we will be keeping you in our thankful prayers for a long time. (((hugs)))

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