My life is whelming right now. Is that a word? I know that I can be overwhelmed, I’ve been underwhelmed a few times. So is whelming just the part of the word that means things are happening, things are bubbling and brewing and moving along. (Not so much so that I can’t cope, as in over- and certainly not in such a way that I’m unimpressed and disappointed, as in under-…. just happening and rolling and moving. Whelming. Right?)

If you haven’t checked the ticker over there on the right, {go ahead… it’s the pink box} I’m moving in a week. A WEEK! Here’s how my week looks right now:
Friday: Pack.
Saturday: Chris on call. Pack.
Sunday: Chris postcall. Pack.
Monday: Chris off. I’m getting a pedicure and a blissful half hour of peace & quiet. Other than that, pack.
Tuesday: Chris on call. Pack
Wednesday: Chris postcall. Pack.
Thursday: Movers here to load up all our stuff. Friend Barbara may watch Jonas for part of the day. Start cleaning apartment.
Friday: Finish cleaning apartment. Turn in keys at apt office. Drive to Elsmere, Kentucky. First night in new house!

I have so much to do, and I don’t know if I have enough energy, time, and hands to keep up with Jonas and all this stuff. ‘Yikes’ does not begin to describe it. I’m so sorry for being a giant whiner. I do think I can handle it. I mean, I have to – no choice in the matter. I’m just not looking forward to the next few days. And now….. back to my boxes. Ta!

To-Do Sometime in the Next Six Days

  • cancel Nashville utilities (phone, power, & cable)
  • mail change of address cards
  • have car serviced (check oil & tires)
  • prepare detailed directions to new home for movers, include our itinterary and contact/emergency numbers

To-Pack in Car for Moving Day/Week

  • clothes & toiletries for Michelle & Jonas for 5 days
  • paper plates/cups/utensils
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • booster seat
  • bibs
  • sippy cups/baby spoons
  • Pack & Play, sheet, blanket
  • binkies, sound machine, doll
  • Air mattress, sheets, blanket, pillow
  • Cleaning supplies (bucket, rags, Windex, Mr. Clean, Comet, dish liquid)
  • Vacuum & Broom
  • Baby gates
  • Baby monitor
  • toolbox
  • Landline phone
  • Cell phone & charger
  • Lux & Linus!
  • litter boxes & litter
  • dishes & cat food
  • Important papers (house folder, birth & wedding certs, insurance, etc)

To Buy for Painting

  • drop cloths
  • painters’ tape
  • spackle
  • putty knife
  • sandpaper
  • sponges
  • stepladder
  • paint pans & liners
  • rollers
  • “cut-in” tool
  • corner tool
  • Laundry Room: 1/2 gal. Olympic “Kimono B47-4”
  • Jonas’ Room: 1 gal Ralph Lauren Deepton Primer, 1 gal. Ralph Island “Island Brights Tulum Blue IB88”, 1/2 gal Semigloss Bright White
  • Family Room & Kitchen: 4 gals. Behr “Caraway PMD-37a”
  • Entry/Stairwell/Hallway: 2 gals. Behr “Toasted Cashew PWN-66u”
  • Upstairs Bathroom: 1 gal. Behr “Herbal Garden 420D-5a”
  • Family Room: 2 gals. Behr “Toffee Crunch 700D-5a”, accent 1/2 gal. Valspar “Lyndhurst Mahogany 2002-9A”

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