Day: July 21, 2010

While we were watching the news after dinner this evening, the local sportsdude started talking about opening day for UGA football. Jonas recognized the logo behind his head and pointed it out. “That’s Georgia! I’m a Bulldog!”

“Really? You’re going to go to the University of Georgia for your college?”


“What are you going to learn about there – what job are you going to get ready for?”


“Bees?….like, bumblebees?”

“Uh-huh. Bees.”

“Jonas, you’ve gotten stung by four bees in four years. Maybe working with bees isn’t a great idea for you!”

“No, because if I wear ear-puffs they can’t sting your ear.”


“You know. Those big things on your ears to play your music LOUD! Ear-puffs keep the bees out of there.”

“How are you going to earn money at this job with the bees?”

“I’m going to feed them.”

“Feed the bees? And then they will make honey, and you can sell the honey, right?”

“Nope. Just buy them bee food and feed them. They’ll be happy and they won’t sting me with my ear-puffs.”

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