Day: September 13, 2010

We rolled into Midway on Tuesday, expecting that my mom would start chemo the next day. There was some confusion or miscommunication with her doctor and his office staff/schedulers, though, so she actually had her first treatment on Thursday.

She got several “extras” first (fluids, anti-nausea meds, a corticosteroid) and then an IV each of carboplatin and taxotere. We were all really thrilled with how well she has tolerated these drugs! The first day after chemo she felt pretty great – she had enough energy to fold a load of towels and point & direct me in re-organizing a couple of pantry shelves that were getting on her nerves. 😉 Day two and three found her much more tired, which is to be expected, and she has started having some nausea – but she says it’s really not the sensation that she’s going to throw up, it’s more like vertigo or seasickness when she moves around.
It’s been a good trip. I’ve been able to do quite a few things for Mom (I’ve made two meatloaves! Chris said, “Every time I talk to you I think you’re making meatloaf!” LOL – hey, if she’s hungry for meatloaf & will eat it, I’ll gladly make her a dozen!)…. some cooking, some light cleaning, a plenty of organzing. Her “catalog basket” was all out of order — she keeps them alphabetized, for Pete’s sake! — and she wanted to refresh the greeting cards that are on display in the living room since so many new ones had arrived. So we’ve done those little projects, and I’ve driven her into Hinesville for a couple of doctor’s appointments, and we’ve just had nice relaxing time to chat.
The kids have been loving it, too. Our last trip ended up being much longer than I’d anticipated and they started getting restless toward the last few days. This time I brought a bag of crafts and diversions, which was good. Plus, Mom wasn’t in the hospital this time, so they have been able to see her and Dad each day 😉 My dad took them out to dig up sweet potatoes on Sunday afternoon — what a hoot! They were both COVERED in sandy soil when they came inside – Susannah even had grit in her ears. Jonas had his hands deep in the dirt and sighed, “I *love* being at this house.” How precious to hear that.
My brother Jason and his wife Sharon came in late Friday night and stayed through Sunday morning. Susannah started calling him “Unna Jay-jase” and didn’t quite manage a name for Aunt Sharon, but she did warm up to her compared to our last meeting with them. Of course, Jonas loves them both to pieces and was quickly jumping all over Jason, playing shooting games with him, and talking about Ironman, Spiderman, and Batman until they were blue in the face.
On Sunday, Mom wasn’t feeling up to heading into town for church, so Dad went early for both hours and the kids and I followed for worship service. Jonas & Susannah really love seeing Granddaddy up in the pulpit. When it’s time to pray, Susannah shouts out, “AMEN!” before they get started, and when Granddaddy starts preaching, she hollers, “Mo’ Jesus!” (This kid has soul, what can I say?) Jonas even left the service to go to Children’s Church.
She’ll have her next chemotherapy session on October 1st, so I’ll probably plan to come down again the week after that.

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