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Because earlier today, I realized I’m almost at the end of my first trimester. (The second officially starts on Wednesday.) And I haven’t taken a single belly picture for this little one’s baby book. Jonas has an 8-week shot in his… and oh, how trim and flat my tummy was. In Susannah’s book, I started taking them at 12 weeks, when I really had a bit of a baby bump and not just mommy flab.
I always measure a little bit “large for dates” because I have an anteverted (tipped forward) uterus. With both previous kids, I was about 4 weeks “larger” than my dates would indicate. This time around, I’m measuring 6 weeks ahead. So at my 12-week appointment, I measured 18 weeks. I’ll be 14 weeks on Wednesday, and I look nearly half baked. Time to document this! I can already hear the arguments between the three of them when they realize the injustice in their baby books.
And that’s when it hit me – Jonas and Susannah have matching baby books. Creative Memories “baby booties” white leather coversets, actually. An item which has been discontinued, then re-released in a new size, and then discontinued again. Thank the Internets, though; I found a set for sale that comes out a *steal* even with $10 shipping. So all three children will have matching albums, at least on the outside… let’s see if I can manage to (A) take pictures of this pregnancy/birth/baby and then (B) get them printed and then (C) get them mounted & “storied” in the book.
Through a series of ridiculous and stressful events, I also ended up having an ultrasound at my 12-week appointment. All turned out to be well, as we saw a happy dancing baby on the screen with a vigorous 153 bpm heartbeat.
[insert scanned ultrasound picture here – as soon as I have time downstairs on the scanner :)]
In related baby news, Jonas is convinced that this baby will be a boy. He just can’t imagine having another sister. He’s very opinionated about name choices, too – his top picks are “Peter Parker” or “Jet Baby Jetpack.”
Susannah has been talking to the baby by laying her head on my belly. “Hi, little baby,” she coos, “I’m ya big sister! Susannah!” One day while she was doing this, my tummy rumbled and she sat straight up and looked at me with surprise. “The baby TALKED to me!”
“Oh,” I asked her, “What did it say?”
“Say, GROWWWWWWLLL!” She used to tell us that babies make a squeaking sound, but now she thinks they growl. I wonder if she imagines a new baby bear when I give birth?

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2 thoughts on “Winning!”

  1. Hooray!! You’re back!!!! I’ve missed you in blog land. Oh, and I can totally relate to the matching stuff for the first 2 kids and struggling for the sake of the 3rd. I have pictures of my first 2 wearing matching clothes as babies. This one? Nope. She grew too fast. Can’t believe mine’s already almost 6 months old. Yikes!

  2. LOL that Juliet grew too fast!

    I have been way, way off my normal track of blogging over the last… eh, six months? But the last three with pregnancy hormones and exhaustion just totally killed it. 😉 Hoping to get back in the swing of things now though!


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