When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will

scrapbook. And drink delicious autumn brews (Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is delicious, in case you were wondering)!

Chris, two of his friends, and my father-in-law went up to Lexington today to watch the UGA – UK game. Jonas was really disappointed that Chris said he wasn’t old enough to go along, so I put on quite the dog & pony show to keep today fun.

We mixed up a loaf of pumpkin bread, and while it baked I let Jonas and Susannah paint the pumpkins we brought home from Trunnell’s Farm yesterday. Jonas painted his white (to make it a ghost) and then added a face (to make it a zombie) and blue stripes (to make it a mummy); Susannah just swirled all her favorite colors into a delightful mess and called it done.

After we cleaned up the paint, I surrendered to the pleading and took my brood out for Happy Meals. (It did not make me happy, but it did thrill them. And under the circumstances, I was willing to compromise.) We ate at home, and then had a little quiet time… during which, I’d like to note, Abigail did NOT nap. Ugh.

When I got the kids up, we made our first-ever batch of caramel apples. It was Jonas’ idea/request earlier this week, and it seemed like a good day to do it. (And yes…. Susannah did make quite a mess with caramel. Ahem. At least I was expecting it!)

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” came on the Disney Channel ealier today, so we recorded it. The kids watched it while I started cooking dinner. It was Indian Night, in honor of our studies of Ancient India. The movie was captivating; the food, not so much. Oh well – at least I exposed them to new flavors, right?

Baths and bedtime as per usual, and then I sat down with hours ahead of me until Chris and his dad would be home. I pulled out my laptop and my digital scrapbook! I’m still working on my 2011 family album; the last time I worked on it several months ago, I got stuck in the summer months doing layouts when we visited my mom. She was doing better, at that point. Her hair had grown in, and she was so happy that it was dark and curly. Looking at the pictures just – slammed me. So I had to put it down for a while. Tonight, I picked it back up and did nine new layouts. I’m up to Abigail’s birth, finally! 🙂

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