GAME ON! {~Super Mario Bros. Birthday Party~}

We celebrated Jonas’ 7th birthday on Saturday, 2/2. {Which is also Groundhog’s Day, and the 12th anniversary of our engagement. Fun times.} Nonna and Poppa came up from Cedartown so that the kids’ cousin Ethan could be at the party.
The newest obsession around here is Super Mario, so we had a fun theme for our party! I found a set of wall stickers with all the characters, and of course we had streamers and balloons:

We got a Starman Power pinata (and filled it with chocolate gold coins, gold-wrapped caramels, STARbursts, and “fireball” cinnamon candies).

The Cup Cakery did an amazing job with his two-tiered cake (I bought a set of five little character/block sets; everything else on the cake is edible).

We made a piranha plant centerpiece (painted a clay pot for the pipe; paint + felt + styrofoam ball for the plant’s head; painted a dowel for the stem). Jonas wanted a tray of nuggets, a fruit tray, chips & salsa, and a platter of pickles and olives for his “party food.” That was easy enough!

I bought a jumbo pack of adhesive mustaches so we could all look like Mario and Luigi (but most of the kids shed their ‘staches pretty quickly. I guess the adhesive tickled).

We played Goomba Stomp — brown balloons decorated with Goomba faces — and they had a blast popping them!

Pinata time! One of the kids swung so hard, he broke the foam bat. They took turns punching and kicking it, but we ended up letting them rip into it and then just pouring the candy all over the floor. 

Time to open presents — Jonas was so lucky to get so many wonderful things from his friends! 

Seven candles takes a lot of lung power!
After we ate cake, Chris turned on the Wii and supervised turn-taking while the boys played Super Mario. Some of our guests preferred the new Angry Birds game and Batman toys while they waited for their turn over watching the others.

This was the biggest party Jonas has ever had, and by the end –I don’t know about the birthday boy, but Mama was exhausted! We had a great time, though, and I know he’ll remember this one for YEARS. That makes it all worth it. 😉

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