Nursery Victories!

I woke up this morning, feeling fine. (Yup, totally channeling all those oldies radio stations my mom used to make us listen to. Is it running through your head, now, too?) The morning started off so well – breakfast, and getting dressed, and packing the diaper bag, and making it out the door – that I thought I might as well try nursery drop-off. Just seemed like it might be okay today.

We went down the ramp – no tears.

I filled out the sticker, got my beeper, and signed Jonas in – no tears.

We went into the room, I chatted with the nursery worker, and Jonas spotted a puzzle with cats – no tears.

I put him down to start working the puzzle – no tears.

I hung his diaper bag on a hook, and he started crying. BUT. I gave him his sippy cup, and he stopped.

I walked toward the door, and he followed me, crying, arms outstretched. The Nursery Lady picked him up and held him. I walked out the door, over to the big double doors that lead to the stairs to the sanctuary, and stopped to listen.

He had already stopped crying.


When I picked him up, the Nursery Lady said that the other little boy (who is named Jonah, by the way!) had had a total meltdown, so they had played with bubbles and balloons and nearly every toy in the toy closet — and Jonas did just fine. She said he really loved the bubbles (he loves them at home, too) and the piano (ditto) and when I said that it was easier this week, and I hoped it would be even easier next week, she replied that it usually goes that way. 😉

It seems like the quicker a getaway I can make, the easier it will be for him. If I’d left right when he first spotted that puzzle, he might not have even started to cry.

Oh and, just in case you were wondering. The sermon and the music in worship this morning seemed to be custom-tailored for ME. I’m really thankful that I felt good about taking Jonas to the nursery, because I don’t know if I’d have gotten so much out of the service if I’d been corralling a toddler in the pew. Thanks for all the advice and your thoughts and prayers on this subject. I’ll keep you posted!

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4 thoughts on “Nursery Victories!”

  1. I am glad the experience was much better this week. We have been going through the same thing. Christian is almost to the point where he may enter the nursery without crying/fussing/screaming, etc. We have been battling this since he was about 14 months old(he just turned 23 months). The funny thing is, he will go to his at home baby sitter just fine, and shut the door in my face when I leave to boot.
    I am happy that I finally figured this blog thing out and am able to comment on your happenings. I check your site nearly everyday for new news about Jonas and life in the Nebel home.
    Congratulations on the new house. It looks great, well from my perspective.
    Chat with you later. Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Very cool nursery drop off on Sunday! You have boldly gone where I never went before 😉 I love this blog thing- I can keep our non-web addicts in the crowd up to date on what you all are up to.

  3. Zion stayed in Nursery last Sunday for the whole time, without them having to page me, for only the second time in six months. So, I completely understand the torture! I am sure it will get bad again when we move in 8 days, but I hold out hope that he will out grow this!! Good luck, and keep trying. Canaan out grew it eventually, so I know it happens!

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