Just a few pictures from the new place

New sprinkler! And hey look, this is our backyard. That patio/deck is HUGE and needs furniture. (But then, so does most of the house. I have a feeling the patio is low on the list, haha!)
Two kids in a sprinkler! And Chris in the background putting yard stuff into his shed. He <3’s his new shed. 🙂

Baking chocolate chip cookies. I have a couple of things to say about this picture. (1) That apron makes me look ENORMOUS! (2) You can see how open the kitchen is to the family room – and look, there’s my fireplace! (3) That stack of boxes? That’s our DVD collection. We have no place designated to put them, so they are staying put for now.
Another baking picture. And in this one, you can see my current “trouble spot” — that section of counter behind the island, to the right of the fridge. My goal is to have the counter hold my laptop, some kind of iPhone dock, and the house phone. On the backsplash, I’d like some kind of pinboard or message board, and on the narrow wall on the right I want to hang a mail sorter or inboxes or something like that. Until I get my organization tools going, it’s just a catch-all for piles of all sorts. Ugh.

And finally, “Look, Mom, your bathroom isn’t babyproofed!” Susannah found my makeup bag and put on mascara and green eyeshadow. On the positive, at least she’ll make a great Epsilon Sigma pledge in about sixteen years.

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2 thoughts on “Just a few pictures from the new place”

  1. That’s my Susannah!
    Maybe you can put her on a pair of boxing gloves…Then she would only be able to pick up LARGE objects. Of course, she might decide that she likes to play live action Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots.

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Ephesians 2:8-9

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