My Own Horn: Toot, toot!!! Tooty, toot, toot!!!

Okay, someone’s got to do it, so I guess I’ll just tell my own news. In spite of appearances, I’m not bragging. Seriously. No, really. I mean, I’m a very modest person! I wouldn’t want to sound self-glorifying or stuck up or anything… but Chris doesn’t “do” blogging, so it all falls to me.

I’m officially a National Board Certified Teacher (as an Early Childhood Generalist) according to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards!

Most of you know I began the process in March 2004 and completed the work in May 2005. I had to submit a portfolio demonstrating my abilities in children’s literacy development, integration of math & science, building a classroom community through social studies & the arts, and documented accomplishments which support children’s learning. Then I took a computer-based assessment of six essays in literacy, math, science, social studies, health/PE/safety, and children’s play. Each portion gets a score from 1.0-4.0, which is then weighted. Your weighted score must be at least 275 to achieve certification… and I earned a 322!

In Florida, NBCTs are given a financial incentive (woo-hoo!) but that’s not the only perk. This certification is recognized in ALL states, and in most states it is treated as graduate work (so you end up higher on the pay scale). In addition, it’s pretty prestigious; only 40% of the teachers who apply to the process earn the certification. It’s quite nice to be recognized for something so rigorous and meaningful.

So… tooty tooty toot toot toot. There goes my little horn. Yep, I’m proud of myself! And darn straight, I’m going to tell everyone I know about this little doozy of a news item! Sorry if I sound full of it. I’ll get over myself eventually, like when my big head gets stuck in the office door!

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2 thoughts on “My Own Horn: Toot, toot!!! Tooty, toot, toot!!!”

  1. hi michelle –

    firstly CONGRATS on the cert – Please KEEP tooting!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!

    thanks for the message – i am glad the website was useful to you. Do ring up Wanda Robinson (on the free phone number) if you need any more info/support. We also operate a listserv (where you subscribe and every e-mail sent to that ‘address’ – everyone will receive)

    To be honest its been a GODSEND to me (especially as I am in the UK)

    they also run conferences

    i am negative for PTPN11 – it would be nice to have a confirmed diagnosis. Dr Noonan herself confirmed my diagnosis of NS as there was some confusion here in the UK. I was actually dxd in Belgium – and then moved here.

    I am SO glad ‘Bump’ is growing nicely and you are keeping fairly well.

    Do you find that having NS and pregnancy causes any problems at all?

    Ditto about docs not hearing of NS – NONE of mine had until i gently educated them. I much prefer a doc to admit to me that he/she has no idea about NS rather than they say that they do and they clearly dont! I actually LIKE it when a doc says’ look i have no clue, but you obvikously know more about NS than i will EVER know……’ These types tend to want to learn the basics – which is all i ask – not for me necessarily – but for the next person with NS that walks through their door – yes it would be rare – BUT its possible and MANY MANY people are undiagnosed with NS – its rfather common – around 1:2000 people which is MUCH more common than I was first led to believe when i was diagnosed (and also further research has enabled the figure to be lowered i guess due to higher knowledge and thus more people being diagnosed)

    Ok i have waffled on and am aware that anyone can see this message so will close before i put anything down i woudlnt want EVERYONE to see LOL LOL

    Good luck again and thansk for mail!!!


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Ephesians 2:8-9

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