Studying the Bible should be simple.

All of God’s words are for all of God’s people, but so often we feel intimidated by the Bible. 

Maybe you don’t know fancy seminary language. Maybe you’ve never read Scripture on your own before. Maybe you’ve been in churches or in classes for years, but now you have really high expectations that are holding you back.

Whatever is keeping you from digging into the Bible, I would love to encourage you: you can do this!


After more than a decade of leading adult Sunday School classes, small groups, and Bible studies at my local church and in my home, I have  developed a deep passion to see people embrace the Bible for themselves.

Several years ago, I began writing short, guided prompts as “homework” for the groups of women who met me for Bible study and then continued writing homework and study notes for individuals who met with me for one-on-one discipling. In 2021, I decided to polish up that work and make these studies available online.

This collection of free downloads is designed to make learning from Scripture easy, on your own or with a group. 

I decided to call them “Plain & Simple Bible Studies” because they aren’t complicated and they aren’t full of my opinions or any flowery, mushy language. Instead, each one follows a pattern: first, a set of guided prompts will help you read Scripture for yourself and then you’ll answer questions that move you from your mind and heart (your thoughts and feelings) to your eyes and hands (the practical applications of the words to your life.

All you need is the free download and your Bible or a Bible app. Just click the links below to access the PDFs:

1 John

Sacrifice & Supremacy: A Study of Leviticus and Hebrews

Ephesians – Coming Soon

Romans – Coming Soon

1 Peter – Coming Soon


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