Day: June 10, 2007

Splenda. On one hand, it might be better for me than mass quantities of sugar in my coffee and tea… but on the other, I am consuming 6-8 packets of an artificial food every day. Yikes!

Caffeine. Hey, if I could beat this one, I’d eliminate my need for Splenda! I just really *heart* coffee. In all its forms. And I’m too Southern to give up sweet tea. And I adore Diet Coke. Now, Jonas has just started sleeping through the night – so I do envision a day in the near future when all the moving commotion is over, that I won’t *need* a java jolt to start my day. And I might actually break this habit before too long.

Online time when Jonas is awake. Occasionally, this starts out with the best of intentions – I “pop” online to check for an expected email, to balance the checkbook or pay a bill. But usually it’s for mindless “surfing.” Jonas is great at entertaining himself for short periods of time, but I really don’t like the example I’m setting by always going for “screen time” myself.

TV time when Jonas is awake. See above. Though he doesn’t pay much attention to my “boring, grown-up” programs, my ideal day would include no TV time for his little eyes, ears, and developing mind. I give in to my less-than-ideal on days when I’m tired – days when Chris works late and I need a *break* by 4 p.m. – days when Jonas doesn’t feel well and is especially clingy or cranky – days when it’s too hot to go outside – in other words, most days. And I’m not proud of that.

Yelling. Okay, this one isn’t too bad. I don’t yell at Jonas, ever. I don’t yell on a daily basis or anything. But I’ve been fighting this battle for as long as I can remember (just ask my mom or dad or brother!) – even as a kid, my vocal volume just goes up and UP and UP when I get upset or excited. Now that I have a little one of my own, I’m more aware that I want to set a better example of other ways to communicate my feelings. At least this habit is one that I see *some* improvement on.

*with sincere apologies to Chicago for the misuse of their lovely song title!

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