Welcome to the Neighborhood

I’m starting to feel like we actually belong here. It’s a nice feeling! This week, I’ve had something to do nearly every single day.

Sunday we went to Erlanger United Methodist Church again – well, Jonas & I did, as Chris was working. A very nice lady in my Sunday School class invited us to come to the Ice Cream Social after service next week, and gave us the tickets so we could attend free! Jonas had a rough time being dropped off in the nursery, but he was playing happily when I picked him up at the end.

Monday was an at-home day, mostly, though I did run a few errands and pick up a couple of things for the house. Our decorating is at a stand-still, since we need to paint the upstairs (kitchen/dining/living room and the stairwell/entry landing/hallway) but can’t do that until Chris’ next days off.

Tuesday I had the N.Ky Mommy & Me playgroup. We met at a park in Cincinnati with a beautiful overlook, great shade trees, and a nice play area for the kids. There were a lot of little boys there – it was a teeny tiny testosterone zone! One of the older guys (I think three-and-a-half) ‘watered’ a tree…. oh, the joys of boys. His mom was so awesome about it, though. I loved her reaction, a very calm, “Honey, pull up your pants when you’re done, okay? And next time, let Mommy know you have to go pee-pee and I’ll help you find a more private place.” Just like that – no shaming or punishment or anything. I really enjoy this group!

Wednesday we were home all day. I got a lot of cleaning done, and we played outside, upstairs, downstairs…. having all this space really helps break up a day when we stay home. It’s nice to have that “change of scenery” for a busy toddler, without having to load up the car and go somewhere.

Thursday (today) we went to our first NKy La Leche League meeting. It was great! At first, it was just us, the leader, and a new mommy with a 4-week-old, but after about half an hour more moms started to trickle in – and I knew all three of them! They’re all in the Mommy&Me playgroup. That was a really cool thing – I didn’t feel so much like “the new kid” – I already have friends, sort of!

Friday we’re planning to go to the library to get our library card and attend the toddler storytime. I have no idea what to expect – there are good story hours and bad, it varies so much from library to library. But, it’s a nearby location and if nothing else, I might meet some moms from my neighborhood or some close neighborhoods, so that would be nice.

Saturday is the monthly meeting for Attachment Parenting International. I’m really excited to go to this – I wasn’t able to join the API group in Nashville due to scheduling conflicts, so I’ve been looking forward to this. The group meets for about an hour, once a month, to discuss topics that pertain to Attachment Parenting. They also have playgroups, field trips, and special events (like family potlucks) from time to time. It should be a lot of fun!

Then on Sunday, we’ll go to EUMC again and attend their Ice Cream Social after church. Hopefully it will be nice weather since they are having everything outside.

Anyway, I think we’re off to a good start in our new home. I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we moved in!

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