Baby You Can(‘t) Drive My Car

Originally wrote this on the 20th, then saved it as a draft, intending to add pictures before I posted it. Well, I still haven’t taken pictures, but I’m going to post this anyway!

Short story of the last two days: Sadie the Saturn kicks the bucket. We stay out late at night. Tom Gill Chevrolet rocks my socks off. I have new wheels!

Long version of the same story:

We have been driving a 1997 Saturn SL2 for about 5 years. (It was named “Sadie” by its previous owner – my college roommate/best friend, Holly!) Well, the poor thing has been limping along for the last several months and we have just been praying it would hang on a little longer. The plan was to start saving some cash for a downpayment on a new vehicle. That didn’t quite work out – two days ago, Sadie started SMOKING on Chris’ way home from work. When he finally made it to the house (thank goodness!) we immediately went out to a couple of car dealerships.

We ended up at Tom Gill Chevrolet, which is open until 9:00 pm! YAY!!! We worked with a really nice salesguy but decided to come home and sleep on it before talking numbers and seriously pursuing a particular car.

The next night we went back and spent several hours working on buying a car. I won’t even go into it – if you’ve ever bought a car, I’m sure you know how it can be. But eventually, the AWESOME sales guy/finance manager/whatever his title is (Ian Papenheimer, if you are in the Cinci area and want a recommendation) got us a great deal on a 2005 Chevy Equinox LT.

I’m beyond happy with it. It’s smoke-gray, with body-color trim and spoiler. It has tinted windows and a sunroof, and power everything and a CD player, and a TON of space in the backseat (Chris can sit back there with headroom to spare – and that’s saying something). The way back trunk space is great, with a nifty rack that can go on three different height positions for more storage.

We won’t discuss just how long we’ll be paying it off. 😉 But at least we have safe, roomy, comfortable transportation again!

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2 thoughts on “Baby You Can(‘t) Drive My Car”

  1. Wow, Sadie finally kicked the bucket huh….wow, she was a faithful ol’ gal. Many a good time was had with her, but wahoo for a new big girl car!!! Congrats on the new wheels! Waiting anxiously for pics!

  2. I knew you’d comment on this one! LOL! Hey, can you believe it – they gave us $1,000 trade-in for her!?

    Hey, remember riding around Rome, singing “Vamos A Tequila….”, with the windows & sunroof open? Those were the days…

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