Day: September 28, 2007

Every Sunday night after church, a pastor and his wife have the same snack. He makes two slices of cinnamon toast, and every week he brings her the heel of the bread. One Sunday, after years of this snack, the pastor’s wife bursts into tears when he hands her the slice of toast. “Honey, what’s wrong?” the pastor asks. “Every week you bring me cinnamon toast on the worst slice of bread! What an insult!” she sobs. The poor, confused pastor stammers, “But, but, but honey… the heel is my favorite piece!”

Sometimes, when you think a person isn’t showing you that they care, they actually are showing you love in the only way they know how.

And sometimes, when you think you’ve done everything possible to tell someone how much they mean to you, it turns out that they haven’t been picking up on your message.

Love speaks so many languages. Make sure that you’re speaking the same language – or at least find some subtitles!

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