Day: April 18, 2008


Holy moly.

Okay, first of all, I’m really sorry that I haven’t updated here in weeks. Geez. They’re going to take away my blogger card if I keep that up. I’ll try to get back here with pictures and cute anecdotes soon. But for the news of the morning:

I woke up to an EARTHQUAKE. Seriously. Seriously? Yeah. I move to the Midwest and I get an earthquake. How crazy is that? It was odd – I’d just gotten back in bed after settling Jonas in, when the bed started rumbling and I heard the windows rattle (like our windows used to shake when we lived on Fort Hood, when the guys did artillery practice out in the field). It lasted about ten seconds. The cat, who was snoozing beside me, sat bolt upright (so at least I knew it wasn’t all in my head.)

About half an hour later, Chris called from the hospital (on an unrelated note, he’d left his wallet at home and wanted to make sure it was here & not lost) and asked if I’d felt it. I said “Wow, it was really an earthquake?” and he said yeah, it was on the news. Well, forget going back to bed after that!

🙂 So now I’m up. Wonder what else could possibly happen today?

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