Day: July 19, 2010

Sunday morning, we all went to church at Westside Baptist (where my dad pastors). Susannah provided a little object lesson for us by running up onto the stage, pointing at the cross, and calling out, “Jesuh!” She clambered up the choir risers trying to get closer to it. After the opening music, my dad held her in his arms and commented that we all ought to be trying to get closer to Jesus – closer to the cross. It was beyond sweet.

At the close of the service, the whole congregation gathered around our family to pray for Mom, for us, for her doctors… it was such a wonderful experience. To know that we are supported & lifted up in prayer is a help I can hardly put into words.

We had a great ‘family’ afternoon hanging out, fixing lunch, listening to the three little cousins run around and holler and giggle. Mom said that was about as good a medicine as she could imagine.

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