Jonas Scissorhands

This morning, Jonas wanted to “make some art.” He had construction paper, scissors, a glue stick, crayons, old envelopes, and sticky dots. He hummed and worked and occasionally called out what he wanted me to see: a house! A foot! A letter for Daddy!

Then the phone rang, and I started chatting with my friend. Jonas took off down the hall– and I told him to bring the scissors back to the kitchen. He returned with coupon flyers and cut out coupons for a little while. When he went back to his room, I thought he was empty-handed. (Cue ominous music.)

I hung up the phone and went to check on Jonas. There he stood… With his pajama pants in tatters. He told me later that he was being twins with Daddy because he has a hole in his shirt. Seriously, what?!?

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3 thoughts on “Jonas Scissorhands”

  1. I should probably confess that last night, I realized another influence on this little experiment of his was probably seeing me turn an old pair of denim capris into jean shorts for myself. {blush} Note to self: do all further “tailoring” out of Jonas’ line of sight!!

  2. Heheheee. It is always something, isn’t it? They are just so busy exploring the world, they are bound to explore something they aren’t really supposed to. We have a book that I read to my boys that I cut when I was a little girl. They enjoy the book, as well as the story that Mommy was actually naughty once too. It seems to have impressed upon them that cutting last forever….

  3. Bethany, I love that! 😉 My only incident of book defacing happened in a… LIBRARY BOOK! Apparently I underlined each word in purple crayon or something when I was 5ish. My mom made me personally hand the book to the librarian with an apology, and I cried. I was so embarrassed and I was *sure* they’d never let me borrow another book as long as I lived.

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Ephesians 2:8-9

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