Day: September 25, 2010

I think with a little boy, you just have to expect the unexpected. You really never know what they are thinking.

Tonight, our bedtime talk centered loosely around babies. First there was this idea that Jonas and Susannah were “baby friends” when they “knew each other in my belly” before they each came out.

Then he wanted to know if Daddy came out of my belly, too. I explained that he came out of Mimi’s belly, and when I was a baby, I came out of Grandmama’s belly.
“So…. everybody… when they’re a baby….” he started.
I supplied, “…comes out of some mama’s belly. Yep.”
Next inquiry: “But, what about the daddies?” [I realize that at this juncture, he may have been trying to figure out the daddy’s role in getting the babies here. But I didn’t think that’s what he meant, so I didn’t leap in that direction.]
“What about the daddies?” I asked him back.
“Well, if you have a boy in your belly….”
“Oh. If you have a boy in your belly, you have a son. And if you have a girl in your belly, you have a daughter.”
“Okay.” He gets very quiet and thoughtful. Then he rolls over onto his tummy, dangles his long legs over the edge of my bed, and spins around so he can gaze out the window at the leaves which are blowing all over our backyard.
I finally spoke up. “You’re really trying to figure out this stuff about babies, aren’t you, bud?”
He casually tosses back over his shoulder, “Yeah, but I’m also trying to figure out the Clone Wars and Star Wars.”
That is SO not where I thought this conversation was going.

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