Day: October 2, 2010

This week is going to try my patience. My nerves. My mothering abilities AND my driving abilities. For this week, my friends, I’m going to be driving from Elsmere to Calhoun to Doraville to Thomasville to Midway to Decatur to Elsmere. In seven days.

Tomorrow morning we’ll head out early, put in at least six hours on the road, then make a layover in Calhoun to see Mimi and Aunt Andrea (who’s been stuck at college the last few times we’ve blown through town) for a brief pit stop. Then we’ll buckle back up and drive another two hours to my brother’s house. Unna Jay-jase and Shay-ray (in Susannah-speak) have graciously opened their home to us for an overnight – and we’re really excited about seeing them & Dylan again.
Monday morning, we hit the road again and head south for Thomasville, where my Grand-Maxwells will meet Susannah for the first time! (Ack. Feeling a little guilty that she’s a few months shy of TWO and I haven’t taken her down there yet.) I am already anticipating that leg of the trip, actually… I’ve been pulling into that driveway, roadweary and worn, at least once a year or once-every-couple-years for my entire existence. There is nothing quite like coming home to my Grandmama’s house.
We’ll head out Tuesday afternoon for Midway. My mom’s chemo schedule has changed, so we will likely be taking her to Savannah for her appointments on Wednesday and Thursday (glad I planned at least a *few* days to stay and help out). Then we’ll pack up again on Friday morning.
That afternoon, we should cruise into Decatur to see my dear friend Holly. We saw her back around Christmas, but it has been awhile and I’m looking forward to an evening of our nonstop girl chatter. We can seriously cram more words into any given minute than seems humanly possible.
Saturday morning I will probably feel more like kicking my car than driving it… but we will once again head ’em up and move ’em out. Destination: home. Chris will be back from D.C. and off work, so at least I’ll have that to motivate me on the drive back. When we arrive here, I fully plan on giving him a quick kiss, handing over both kids, and going to sleep for at least six hours. (I think I’ll deserve it, don’t you?) At that point, I might feel somewhat human again.

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