“If you want to be a grump that’s okay…”

One of my all-time favorite songs to sing to the kids goes:

If you want to be a grump, that’s okay;
But go and be a grump a little further away!
It’s not that I don’t love you,
‘Cause you know I do!
Sometimes I’m grumpy, too

Here’s a snippet of my day. Susannah was trying to cut with scissors, and it was hard, so she was pretty grumpy. Jonas doesn’t like to see her grumpy, so he tried to cheer her up. There’s a little bit of Beatles, some knock-knock jokes, and everything eventually dissolves into potty humor. (The “everybody clap” song is from The Wiggles.) We finally get to see Susannah smile again, and all is right with the world.

(Until a few hours later, when I was cooking dinner and took a call. While I spoke to my father-in-law, Susannah stole an egg, took it to her room to “cook” in her play kitchen, and cracked the egg on her head. It splashed all over her, into a few of her play dishes, and on her carpet. She told me she licked the yellow part and “crucked” all the shell pieces. Indeed.)

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1 thought on ““If you want to be a grump that’s okay…””

  1. LMAO Have you seen the tik toks for this song?
    The eg part, oml, im dying rn. I wanted to play this song for my 2 year old because she has been in a mood all day. I saw this, and now she’s looking at me weird. She asked me why im crying! She’s genuinely concerned for my well being
    I had to re-write this several times because I had tears in my eyes.


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Ephesians 2:8-9

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