Day: October 10, 2011

Louise Bates Ames describes child development as a spiral between periods of disequilibrium and equilibrium. These loosely align with the “halves” and the “evens” – two year olds are generally in a place of equilibrium and they move into disequilibrium as they approach two-and-a-half. Turning three usually heralds another period of equilibrium.

Here’s hoping.
(If you haven’t read any of the titles in her Your Child: series, I highly recommend them. They’re older publications, so some of language feels a little quaint, but every single one has made me breathe a sigh of relief and has given me ideas for working through the behavioral challenges we are currently facing. I’ve been reading them since Jonas was 2! The titles alone make me smile. I need to find out if our new library, here, carries them – it’s about time for me to read up on Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy and Your Six Year Old: Loving and Defiant {yikes, I think Jonas is a little precocious on that one….})

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