Day: January 25, 2012

This first picture is a little fuzzy, but I had to post it. This is what I got when I said, “Can you turn around a little bit and show me your backpack and lunchbox?” Look at that pose!

And here’s the more traditional, respectable “first day of school” picture:

So, yes. We sent Susannah to “school” today. Technically it’s just Parents’ Day Out at our church (sort of the little sibling of the church preschool)… it’s from 9:00-12:30 and we signed her up for Wednesdays and Fridays for now. They also offer Mondays, so we may add that at some point in the future.

What we heard today:

from Miss Chrissy: She was a real joy! Just now I asked her if she needed to potty and she said, “NO, thank you, Miss Teacher Lady!” {much laughter}

from Susannah: We did shaving cream, and you pat it and you get it on your hands but you don’t eat it.

“Did you play on the play equipment?” “Yes, and I bonked into someone. And someone put me into {raises her voice to a spooky level} THE TIME OUT SPOT.” “Did you have to sit quietly in time out?” “Nope. We just talked to each otha’.”

on the way home: “Hey mama! Tomorrow, I want to go to school again. BUS SCHOOL.”

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