Day: March 26, 2012

When Jonas isn’t in the car, conversations with just Susannah are becoming really fun. Today, for example:

“Mommy, who has a baby?”
“We have a baby.”
“[Friend]’s mama has a baby! A baby in her belly!”
“Yes, she does. And Aunt Sharon has a baby in her belly.”
“And the mama goes, ‘unnnhhhhh’ {realistic labor grunt} right?”
“Yep, that’s what the mama says. Then what happens?”
“The red car* comes! Who’s in that red car?”
“The midwife. What does the midwife do?”
“She squeezes the belly. And she gets that, {swirling motion of one hand above a pointed finger of the other hand} what do you call, that blue stuff?”
“Oh, the gel. For the doppler. To hear the baby’s heartbeat?”
“Yep, she does the blue gel and the heartbeep. And the mama goes, ‘unnnhhhhh.'”
“And then what happens?”
“You get your baby out! It comes out of your body!”
“Yes. Do you know how the baby comes out?”
“Um. Out of your ‘you-dee-us’… out of your vulva!”
“That’s right!”
“And you have bones in your body.”
“And you can’t take them out because you can’t walk if you take out your bones. And Pax can’t eat bones because he can choke and get sick and maybe die. And if you die you go to heaven. And Granddaddy Leo is in heaven. And Grandmama.”
“Yes, they are.”
“And mama! Look! That’s a police car!”
“Oooh, I see its lights are on.”
“Oh, mama. That police got someone. A single, a single, a single girl. She didn’t have her buckles on. And she is going to be ‘rested’ and she is going to jail and she is going a ticket. And she is gonna be sad for her mama. And her daddy. And her baby.”
“She didn’t have her buckles on?”
“Nope, she didn’t listened to her mama. No buckles.”
“Oh, that’s very sad. I hope she will listen next time.”
“She will, when she gets out of the jail… Hey mama, I’m going to sing a song to Abigail now.”
{song interlude}
“I’m gonna go fishin’. Pop goes fishin’ right? And Poppa?”
“Yes, they do.”
“And I’m gonna {pantomimes casting a line} fling that thing and the rope goes in the watah, and the fish is gonna go ‘CHOMP’ and I’m gonna catch him! Will you cook him up for me?”
“Sure! If you catch a fish, I’ll cook him for you.”
“Because he has germs until you cook him! But then you can eat him and he bees delicious! And you say, ‘Yum, fish!’ Right?”
“You got it.”

*Our homebirth midwife, Michelle, did indeed arrive for each appointment and Abigail’s birth in her red car. I’m fascinated that Susannah remembered this detail.

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