Day: June 28, 2012

On the way to pick Jonas up from karate, I had another great conversation with Susannah. This time, her thoughts turned to marriage. She said something about marrying one of her friends… and when I suggested that might not be possible (since the friend is a girl), she rebutted with: “Well, if I find a boy to marry I will marry a motorcycle boy. Or a truck boy.”

“What,” I asked, “makes you like motorcycle boys and truck boys?”

She grinned and beat her eyelashes at me. “Mama! They are fast!”

“Hmmm. I guess they are. How do people know which boy they are going to marry?”

“Well, Mama, they just like him and then they dance.”

“I see,” I replied. “So when you get married, what are you and your motorcy le boy going to do?”

“I will kiss him and make a wish.”

“A wish?!” 

She gives me that coy smile again. “Boys like to kiss and wish with their girls!” 

I must know: “When you get married, what will your job be?” 

“A princess!” 

A-ha. And his? “Just… go work at his work.” 

Indeed. “And how old do you think you’ll be, when you get married?” 

Without a moment’s pause, she throws out: “Ten.”

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