Day: January 25, 2016

We’ve lived in this house for over a year, now, and -as you do- we’re still in the process of decorating. There were several spaces that looked fine to guests, but weren’t quite done in my eyes.

So this fall, we got a large rug for the great room and a console table to go behind the couch in there.

And I went on an organizing rampage and Chris went out shopping for furniture, and we made over the rec room upstairs into more of a movie room.

If I were a fashion-y, design-y blogger, this is where you’d get a dozen pictures of my perfectly curated house and a totally Pinnable tutorial for fixing up your very own movie room.

I’m not that kinda blogger.

I tell you that, so I can tell you this story.

After our recent decorating spree, I was standing in the great room folding laundry. Jonas bopped down the stairs, and as he came through on his way to get a snack from the kitchen, he called out, “By the way, Mom, I really like the home upgrades. It’s looking great around here!”






Because when you’re a Minecraft-obsessed almost-10-year-old, that’s about the extent of your home decor awareness and appreciation.

I’m okay with that. 🙂

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