Stuff My Kids Say

Susannah left Sunday School with some kind of white paper craft. I saw markery scribbles and stickers but had no idea what it was. In the car:
Me: Susannah, what did you make today?
S: It’sa emma-lote.
Me: Oh, that’s a nice envelope! What are you going to do with it?
S: I’m gonna put monies in my emma-lote.
Me: Money?
S: Yep, I’m gonna ask Daddy for monies. And put the pennies in the emma-lote. And say a prayer to give the emma-lote to God.
Me: Oh, you’re going to give the money to God? That’s wonderful, when we give our money to God.
S: Yes. I give the pennies to God. But not to Jesus. He’s dead.

Jonas was raving about some object – I truly have no idea what he was talking about at the start of this conversation, but then he said:
J: …And it’s orange! I love orange! Orange is my favorite color.
Me: Really?! I thought green was your favorite color.
J: [peers at me over his glasses] No, mom. Orange is my favorite. Green is my malainus color.
Me. …. “malainus”? What is malainus?
J: You know. Like my toys that don’t go with any other toys. Mah-lain-us.
Me: Um. Miscellaneous?
J: That’s what I said. Green is my miscellaneous color.

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4 thoughts on “Stuff My Kids Say”

  1. I have enjoyed getting “caught up” tonight. Sorry I have not been by in awhile. How is life with the new dog? Give us some pictures of your adorable crew.
    I have to say that the “bolcano” story is probably my favorite. That one track mind cracks me up!
    I am eager now to see if Zion can pronounce miscellaneous. I doubt it. He speech may have improved, but I don’t think it is that refined yet!

  2. Hey Bethany! I know, I am *way* behind on pictures. Pax is great — he has chewed up a couple of toys, and he has been digging in the mud in the backyard, but other than that he’s a really sweet boy.

  3. Ha, ha, ha! I think that was the project we did when I taught the sunday school lesson. We made tithe envelopes to use for lent. I am soooo impressed she absorbed so much of the lesson. 🙂 Proud indeed.

    And of course Jonas has a miscellaneous color. 🙂 I love that kid. So glad you guys are here!

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