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For the first summer in a long time, I am not researching curriculum or making lesson plans. The laminator is unplugged; the handwriting posters are packed away. Big changes are underway at the Nebel house of learning…


Jonas and Susannah are enrolled for the fall at Maximilian Montessori Academy.

If you’ve known me for very long, you know that I’m deeply passionate about education. Especially early childhood education. I’m an advocate for home education, and I believe that parents make amazing teachers. Our journey from birth through grade three (for Jonas) and birth through Kindergarten (for Susannah) has been full of delight and discovery.

I’ve watched my oldest two kids become readers and writers. I’ve been blessed beyond measure to spend my days teaching, guiding, and discipling.

Chris and I spent about a month in prayer before touring private schools, and we felt immense peace when we entered the doors of MMA. Both kids are ready for this step in their education, for different reasons and in different ways, but they are both excited and positive about this change.

We’re not anti-homeschoolers now, or even former-homeschoolers. Not really. After all, before we know it, Abigail will be ready to start Preschool With Mama and the cycle will begin again. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! School News”

  1. Michelle I this this will be wonderful for all of you. I’m proud of you for taking that step. It looked like a great school. I wish we’d had the chance!

    • Thanks, Karen! It will be such a great fit for Susannah (I think we chatted about that before, actually, LOL) – it is the style of learning I was trying to create at home this past year, with lots of tactile experiences. The school truly seems to embrace differences in learning styles and speeds, which is important to me. And I think Jonas will thrive, too; the method they use for letting the upper elementary kids have some independence and self-paced work is VERY similar to the workboxes we used at home. There’s enough of a group that he’ll get to take the next step toward “corporate” learning, but it’s not such a huge class that I will worry about him feeling overwhelmed or left out. It just really looked and felt like the perfect fit!

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