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I am so excited! Drum roll, please… Words To Spare is launching a merch store!

I spent the past week snowed in with my two youngest kids doing Non-Traditional Instruction days (aka virtual school).

While I was finding quiet things to do in the living room armchair — so as to be nearby in case they needed me for IT support or homework help, but not so close as to be overheard in their Google Meets — I finished reading Aimee Byrd’s incredible book, Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

I immediately wished I had a #SquadGoals type of shirt or bag that listed the women she speaks of in her book – the women who were disciples, church planters and leaders, even an apostle and a messenger entrusted with carrying, reading, and interpreting the epistle to the Romans.

A quick Google didn’t turn up anything quite like I was imagining, so I headed over to Bonfire to make my own.

I could have just purchased one for myself and let the rest go, but one thing led to another.

Now here we are: the Words to Spare merch store. So far, I’ve added a Soup & Shalom design, a Plain & Simple Bible Studies design, and an Early Church Women design.

They’re available in a variety of colors, sleeve lengths, and sizes (although Bonfire doesn’t currently offer a full range of inclusive sizing. I’ll keep an eye out for a company I could work with to expand the sizing options!) and priced between $22-35. I’ll make a modest amount on each sale (between $1-4, depending on the product purchased) and proceeds will hopefully enable me to expand the offerings of Plain & Simple Bible Studies.

The design on this shirt from the merch store shows a world map with the words, "All of God's Word is for all of God's people." Smaller font beneath the map says "Plain & Simple Bible Studies." The shirt is available in warm, cool, and neutral colors.

I’m always happy to hear from you if you think of anything else you’d like to see (including other products you’d like these designs on). Email me or comment below!

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