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A flowerbed at the edge of a brick home is overrun by weeds
devotional thoughts
Michelle Nebel

Weed Your Own Plot

Last fall, I planted peonies. It’s a labor of love and faith to start peonies from bulbs, because you take this knobby root and cover

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Whoever, or whatever, we follow has the ability to take us where we want and need to go… or lead us into dangerous territory.

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Soul Chemistry

Raise your hand if you hated AP Chemistry in high school. How about Organic Chem in college? Raise your hand if that course nearly derailed

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Meet the author

Michelle, a white woman with brown hair, faces the camera with a smile. She wears glasses with clear frames and a shirt that says, "Those Goals Look Good On You."


I blog about faith, family, organization, and fiction. This is where I share a glimpse of my life, and I hope you’ll find the thoughts here encouraging!




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