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My Newest Project

Take a deep breath. This one is a doozy. I’ve blogged about a lot of projects over the years. Sewing things and crafts for kids. Painting and quilting. Bible studies and volunteer work. But this one takes the cake. (I’ve blogged about some cake projects, too, come to think of

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What’s up, buttercup?

I promised to get back into blogging this year, so how about a quick recap? Abigail is four years old. She attends Parents’ Day Out at our church two mornings a week and dance (combination ballet & tap) class on Friday mornings. We started the school year doing preschool at

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Shake It Off.

2015 was a complete blogging dead zone, and for a long time I wasn’t ready to talk about why. For anyone new who stumbles across this blog and wonders, I’ll go way back to explain. In January 2012, my mom passed away. She’d been battling ovarian cancer for about eighteen

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2014 Bibliography

Last year, I set a goal for myself to read 24 books in 12 months. It was a bit laughable, because in my younger years I often read 24 books a month. Life with kids and teaching and homekeeping had gotten busy, and I’d let this favorite hobby suffer. At

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Mama Got Published-Again!

This time, it’s not a cover story, but my article about breastfeeding support is on pages 20-22 of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of Owensboro Parent magazine. Click here for the online version of the magazine.

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Mama Got Published

My first cover story! I wrote a feature article for New Beginnings, the magazine published by La Leche League USA, on nursing babies with allergies and food intolerances. The issue came out a couple of days ago, and I’m just so proud. It’s really something to see my name on that

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Meet the author

Michelle, a white woman with brown hair, faces the camera with a smile. She wears glasses with clear frames and a shirt that says, "Those Goals Look Good On You."


I write about faith and theology, family and organizational tips. Always a planner at heart, I’m also a Bible study teacher and community volunteer. This is where I share a glimpse of my life, and I hope you’ll find the thoughts here encouraging!



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