10 Quick Randoms

1. Oh my gravy, I have unpacked one hundred boxes. My knuckles are all scraped up – why am I unable to unpack without cutting myself? Luckily, we have friends who are planning to move in about a month, so they are going to come take the empties away soon.

2. Oh my gravy, there are still so many boxes in the house! I’m getting to the standstill where I can’t unpack a couple of spaces any further until we have them painted, so my type-A inner mumblings will just have to pipe down about the fact that it’s not all DONE yet.

3. Speaking of painters, apparently autumn is their busy season because so far, every one we’ve spoken to is booked up until November. At that rate, I may just up and do it myself. {huffy sigh}

4. If you’re on Twitter, you probably saw that Chris decided last week would be a great time to have gallbladder surgery. Well fine – he didn’t really CHOOSE it, but still. He had four large gallstones, so he needed the operation, but it did set us back a little on the unpacking-and-settling-in-front.

5. I had a conversation today with Susannah’s teachers about her attention and focus. Chris has been saying for two or three years that he thought she had at attention disorder, and he may be vindictated after all… At the very least, I suspect we are going to have to get her evaulated very soon.

6. Everything in my new house ‘beeps’ and ‘boops’ and I can never remember which noise signals which appliance. I feel slightly kooky and eccentric, running around to check the fridge, dishwasher, dryer….

7. Gardens are lovely, but reaping a harvest that you didn’t even plant is somehow even lovelier. Dear Sellers, THANK YOU for planting tomatoes and zucchini. We heart you. Love, The Nebels

8. When a mama warns a daughter NOT to eat those skinny red peppers because they are spicy… the daughter may pick one anyway. And then she may slice it open with a butter knife and give it to her little sister. And then the mama may run downstairs to screams and see a crying toddler who is yelling, “HE’P ME! I AM ON FI-YAH!”

9. In case you didn’t know, milk helps soothe spicey-burned tongues. Also, be sure to super-duper-scrub any fingers which have touched jalapenos – or else you will later hear screaming again. “MAMA! HE’P! MY EYE IS ON FI-YAH!”

10. I’m gonna get up and pray for the whole congregation again on Sunday. (Lord he’p me; set me on fi-yah.)

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