Home Sweet {New} Home

This is mine. Well, ours. And I seriously can hardly believe it. We had back-to-back closings on this house and the one we’re living in.

Derby Chase 1


Because in a so-crazy-even-my-realtor-had-never-heard-of-this-happening twist, the folks who owned that brick & stone beauty? Decided to put in a CASH OFFER on our 4-bedroom house, essentially giving us a golden ticket to move ahead with buying their house. And then our lending officer, the Vice President of AWESOME at a local bank, pulled off a dazzling feat of underwriting glory when the sellers of the big house asked for an as-quick-as-possible closing.

Nine days, y’all.

Say whatttt? Yeah. It was bonkers.

And here we are. Keys in hand and garage clickers clipped to my minivan visor. We are going to haul small things ourselves for the next couple of days (clothes, artwork, heirlooms) and the moving van is hired for all day Friday and half of Saturday. (Optimistically, we’d love to be DONE on Friday, but with uncontrollable weather our mover wanted to reserve an additional half-day just in case.)

It’s exciting and exhausting. I’m going to take a shower and put myself to bed early tonight!

(By the way: there are still a few more #ContagiousContentment posts in the works. Do you have any burning questions, points of debate, or random ideas to throw my way? Bring it, friends!)


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