After Another School Shooting

This originally appeared on my Instagram account on 3-29-2023, following the school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee on 3-27-2023.

Get it together, Christians. At least be consistent. I don’t know how anyone calls themselves pro-life when your words and your votes and the literal weapons you hoard in your homes TELL US ALL that you don’t value life.

Or at least, you don’t value life more than you value your perception of freedom and control.
I’m done listening to any Christian – and particularly Christian leaders – rant or preach or opine about “pro-life issues” (which we all know only means abortion laws) if they aren’t also speaking out just as boldly, just as fiery and just as loudly, against the idol of 2nd-Amendment-worshipping, NRA-serving, gun culture as they are about abortion laws.
I know it’s not everyone. And I’m working really hard to keep my heart calm and to remember that the church is the bride of Christ – so I should love His beloved. But there is a subset of people who are vocal and loud and claiming to represent Jesus and they talk a whole lot about using the laws of the USA to compel people to protect innocent life… when they’re talking about surgical procedures and medicines that impact uteruses. But when it’s time to get political about guns, they suddenly fall silent? I have had quite enough of that.

Christian leaders, use your pulpits and platforms and prophetic voices to CALL YOUR PEOPLE OUT to lay down their weapons, to rid their homes of assault rifles, and start teaching them how to have a consistent ethic of life — you’re already telling them how to vote when babies are on the ballot, so start getting real about gun reform measures and rally them around the assault weapons ban.

In short: don’t talk to me about the evils of D&Cs when you own AR-15s.

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