Spring Cleaning

A bucket contain soap, cleaning spray, and microfiber clothes. 
Photo by CongerDesign via Pixabay

It’s finally spring.

Okay, today doesn’t feel particularly spring-like. It’s gray, gloomy, cold, and rainy.

But a few days ago? It was sunny and 68°, my tulips and peonies were blooming, and birds were chirping… I started getting in the mood.

You know the mood I’m talking about.

That springtime mood where you want to declutter the closets and de-web the corners and dust and shine and refresh everything.

I realize not everyone shares my springtime passion. That’s fine—no judgement here. If you do enjoy a lively bout of spring cleaning, what tasks are on your must-do list?

This year, I’m focusing on just a few tasks. I’m okay with having a short list because we do keep up with daily routine cleaning (plus we have weekly help from a friend and professional housecleaner, too).

  • Clean ceiling A/C grates (unscrew from ceiling, vacuum vented space as far as I can reach, scrub the grates & allow to dry, screw back in on ceiling)
  • Change A/C filters (and be sure to label date of installation)
  • WD-40 doors (primary closet, back door, and upstairs hall closet are squeaky)
  • Scrub down kitchen cabinets (and touch-up paint if I can find the matching leftover paint can!)
  • Wipe down inside kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Vacuum gas logs and lava rock (sunroom, living room, office)
  • Clean grout in guest bathroom and laundry room (look into a scrubber attachment for my drill!)
  • Clean windows (sunroom, living room, dining room, guest room, laundry room, office)

Additionally, I’m doing some digital spring cleaning! Sorting through screenshots and photos on my phone, clearing out my contacts, purging old emails, and sprucing up my website.

It may be a little funky over here for a while, so if you notice any dead links or weird formatting, I apologize in advance. Hopefully I’ll have this space back in good shape before spring turns to sumer.


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