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Spring Cleaning

It’s finally spring. Okay, today doesn’t feel particularly spring-like. It’s gray, gloomy, cold, and rainy. But a few days ago? It was sunny and 68°, my tulips and peonies were blooming, and birds were chirping… I started getting in the mood. You know the mood I’m talking about. That springtime

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Work In Progress: The Novel Elevator Pitch

When I wrote my first novel manuscript, I really struggled with the idea of the elevator pitch. I just wrote 80,000 words and you want a two-sentence summary? C’mon! However, with each of my projects it’s gotten a little easier to create my pitch. (The two-page synopsis is still the

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Merch Store Launch

I am so excited! Drum roll, please… Words To Spare is launching a merch store! I spent the past week snowed in with my two youngest kids doing Non-Traditional Instruction days (aka virtual school). While I was finding quiet things to do in the living room armchair — so as

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Who’s Threading?

I abandoned the sinking ship of Twitter long before it changed its name to X, and while I probably could have lived a wonderful life without ever adding a new social media platform back into my routines… I did miss some of the connections I made there. I enjoyed following

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2024 MakseLife Planner Review

Get a sneak peek at my 2024 MäksēLife planner lineup! My review of the flagship 12-month planner, new folios & accessories, and unique goal-setting system that make this the one to buy.

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A flowerbed at the edge of a brick home is overrun by weeds
Devotional Thoughts

Weed Your Own Plot

Last fall, I planted peonies. It’s a labor of love and faith to start peonies from bulbs, because you take this knobby root and cover it up in October or November, and then you wait. And wait and wait and wait. For six months. But when spring gets good and

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Michelle, a white woman with brown hair, faces the camera with a smile. She wears glasses with clear frames and a shirt that says, "Those Goals Look Good On You."

I’m Michelle Nebel.

I write about faith and theology, my family, and organizational tips. Always a planner at heart, I’m also a Bible study teacher and community volunteer. This is where I share a glimpse of my life, and I hope you’ll find the thoughts here encouraging.

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